Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paris chic slipcover

This slipcover is for one of my favorite repeat customers. This was a nice change from the slipcovers I always create. This pink slipcover with black cording and a corset detail in the back was so much fun to make. My customer has great taste, and has a lot of fun decorating.
This was my first time creating a corset detail and it was a lot of fun. I hope I get more requests for this in the future.
The rounded back was a challenge. Whenever you see a picture of a slipcover for a rounded back chair there will always be a pillow on the seat to cover the wrinkles on the inside back. It is hard to get a smooth fit in this area especially without a seat cushion. I wanted to show one picture without a pillow because I was so pleased with the results. I used advice from the slipcover master Shirley Hendry Walsh on how to manage the tuck-in area with a pleated collar. The back tucked in smooth and neat. Thank you Shirley for your expertise and willingness to share your slipcover knowledge.
Side view
Before pictureI have a couple more chairs I am working on for this same customer- one in a drop cloth fabric another in white denim. Stay tuned for more pictures to come after the New Year.


  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS CHAIR AND ROOM!!! Im stealing these ideas for the future reference. Every girl should have an Audrey Hepburn room in their house. Love it

  2. I would love if you would pin my pictures!!!

    Thanks Cassandra

  3. Gorgeous work Tessie!!! I learn sooo much from you!!

  4. Tessy! Absolutely beautiful and fun chair! Love, love the back. Those curved backs can be so difficult. The pleated gusset really works great.

    Beautiful work as always.

  5. Hi, I just realized that you do this for a living. Wanted to make sure it was o.k. with you if I attempt to make an office chair cover. Love the chair with the corset. You do such lovely work!

  6. Jann,

    No problem. I would love to see the slipcover when you are done. I am going to be teaching a class on slipcovering a task chair this summer at the Slipcover Summit in North Carolina.

  7. This is beautiful! What a wonderful job you did tailoring this to the shape! I have a similar style chair without arms that has a very worn seat. I never thought about a slipcover! Hmmm...maybe a future customer!

  8. Oh no, I am so sad to find out that you are in Cleveland and need to have the chair in order to create the slipcover. Such great work!

    Rhode Island

  9. I love this pink slipcover! I would love to have you make a couple for my parlour chairs! They are beautiful!

    Mrs. White
    Vermont Sewing Cottage