Sunday, July 3, 2011

Office Chair Slipcovers

This is my latest office chair slipcover done for an out-of-state customer in Seattle, WA.

The customer sends me a picture of their office chair and I will draw color coded markings for each measurement I will need. She picked out two fabrics- one for the main body of the slipcover and contrast fabric for the piping and the back pleat insert. Then a back closure is chosen(bow, clasp, ties, button flap...). Finally a skirt style (ruffled, pleated, kick pleats...) and length are chosen. If you have a design idea I have not listed above that is no problem. You design it and I can make it.

The seat is secured underneath with velcro straps to insure the seat will stay in place. I pre-wash all fabrics in HOT water and dry on a HOT setting to remove the maximum shrinkage before constructing the slipcover. All seams are serged to prevent raveling.


  1. You do such a great job on those chairs. I know your clients must be very happy.

  2. I love the pink and green chair cover. These are so fancy! What is the tag hanging on the chair...looks like it has your picture on it? Just wondering!!

  3. Thanks Gina and Angie!

    The pink and green chair is the office chair slipcover I did for Jackie Von Tobel for the show in Las Vegas. The chair showcases 2 of her designer fabrics. Jackie's fabrics are gorgeous. They are beautiful prints printed on a linen blend.

  4. wow - how nice to see such great transformations. You do beautiful work!

  5. How much do you charge for an office chair slipcover like the pink and green one?

    You can answer me at

  6. This is SUCH a great idea. I have only made one slipcover before and said I wouldn't do it again, but that was years ago, my sewing skills are better, and this is inspiring me to make one. I am moving to a new home where I won't be able to close a door on a sewing room, and my sewing chair is an office chair. How fun will it be to coordinate sewing machine and serger covers with a chair cover! Thank you for the kick in the seat of the pants.